The name ‘Dubaiers’ is a combination of the two words Dubai & Buyers… it was established to be a community for buyers from Dubai & across all over UAE.

Our mission is to provide this community with a great online shopping experience, our aim is to ensure that Dubaiers visitors find:

  • The best price for whatever product you want to buy,
  • Satisfaction as all items are subject to our Return Policy. “please read our returns page”.
  • We’ll be looking constantly to provide you with more items & products that are relevant to your needs.

The idea behind Dubaiers crossed my mind when I wanted to buy some stuff for myself, I checked them in the existing market and found that  90% of these items were over priced in a noticeable way!! So, I decided to check the source & buy from them. I found that the best way to lower the price is to use a normal shipping method (it takes more time but cuts the cost considerably). So here we are, taking this experience to the public… our beloved Dubaiers community.

Kindly proceed to “How it Works” page to see the flow of our community experience.

Stay tuned for our updates as we’ll be adding new items & categories from time to time.

If you are looking for something & you wondering if we can get it for you, don’t hesitate to drop us a line & we’ll find it for you. This is a community experience that will only grow if it reflect and represent the community.