It’s very simple, visitors browsing the products available either on sale or special offer

1- Choose a product you like and you want to buy.

2- Select the quantity you need*, select from variations if available (like Color, Size, etc…).

3- Press “Ad to Cart” button, when finished selecting your items go to checkout (icon on top right pages – on the right sidebar – once you add item to cart).

4- If you are not yet a member, you will be asked to sign up and fill a form to become one**.

5- It’ll take you directly to payment page & you will see your total amount & details of your order.

6- You can either choose (Cash on Delivery) or pay using your credit card, debit card, bank transfers or PayPal account. (we are integrated with PayPal as our Gateway)***.

Great!!! … after you made your payment, our turn comes.

7- We collect daily orders & send directly to our source so they can ship# items to us.

8- We ship items once received through local courier (same day).

*You can also set the quantity you want on the checkout page.
**Make sure to fill shipping address correctly, and your mobile.
***PayPal payment Gateway is totally secured “your financial information is never shared with who you’re buying from”.
Note: PayPal only accepts payments in US$ (price would be converted automatically from AED to US$).. Conversion fee might apply on buyer’s credit card from their card issuer.
#Shipping from source takes almost 3 weeks, unless it’s mentioned on item.
Cash on Delivery is Now working.
We will be soon adding more payment ways to add more convenient to our community members.