Fotga Glass LCD Screen Protector For Canon 550D T2i

Made of 0.5mm optical glass, this LCD screen protector provide the highest protection for your valuable cameras.

This protector get over 95% transparent rate, to show the clear image of the LCD screen. The hardness of the surface is 8-9H, and support up to 4KG/m² , highly resist to scratches and shock.

It also protects the LCD screen away from UV light.


It is made of 6 protection layers :

1. Protection layer,
2. Coating layer,
3. Transparent layer,
4. Colour layer,
5. mount layer,
6. clinging layer.

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Additional Information

Easy to Install:
No trimming required, fit directly on your LCD screen.
Just clean your LCD screen first, peel off the white back of the protector to stick, Done!
Easy to install and bubbles free, unlike plastic protector which always gives you bubbles between the protector and the screen.
No adhesive backing at the LCD screen, only at the border of the film for clearness.
Can be removed and reinstall, without leaving ugly residual on your LCD screen.

How to remove:
Use a thin plastic business card or similar item to slide around the edge of the screen to remove it.
Do not pull or use fingernails to lift the four corners of the screen protector as it may break the glass protector, hurt your fingers and/or damage the camera.

1 x Fotga Optical Glass LCD Screen Protector (With Original Package)

Suitable For:
Canon 550D
Canon Rebel T2i

Allow 3 weeks for shipping & delivery